What’s So Great About “The Dog Whisperer” By Josh Team?

One of my favorite comedians, Josh Team, gives us a great show with his debut novel “The Dog Whisperer: A Secular Pilfer and the QR Code.” I enjoyed this book. The premise is quite creative, but it lacks a little bit of originality. Still, I think it’s a good read if you like dogs, and comedy in general.

One of the main characters, Josh, finds himself at odds with his religious community. At first he doesn’t understand what they are saying, so he just mumbles along in silent laughter. It takes him a while, but finally he snaps out of his shell and starts to comprehend. This leads to some enlightening conversations with other characters, both old and new. Some of the dialogues are quite hilarious. There are even some touching moments.

There are many elements in this book that I found interesting. Firstly, and fore mostly, there is the question of what is real and what is fiction. The book presents an unorthodox view on religion and explains why some dog owners may have strong religious convictions and still be able to keep their dogs. It also delves into the psychology of the family pet and why they behave the way they do. The main theme is whether or not dogs are persons.

Another interesting aspect of this book is the way that Josh interacts with his audience and how he directs their attention and keeps their minds wander. He has them following his every step, and they seem to be completely absorbed by the story. This engrossing element keeps readers involved. I would recommend this book highly to people looking for an entertaining little urban fantasy novel.

I don’t normally read fantasy books. I prefer more realistic novels, such as those that deal with medicine or the human mind. But, this was different. While the story was humorous and the concepts were brilliant, I felt that one could take this subject matter and create a much better story. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill ordinary dog tale where the dog becomes the central character. This one was more of a unique take on the canine experience.

There are many other great books out there regarding dogs and how they interact with humans. One of my favorites is The Dog Whisperer by Lisa Tweddle. In this book, she takes a humorous look at the many issues dogs have when it comes to being social animals. These books are always entertaining and informative. You can learn a lot about how your own dog acts and thinks when you read one of these books.

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